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Accelerate Performance Sales Consultants have driven sales development programs at the following organizations:
Thanks a million for the feedback and your time on
Tuesday. You left such a phenomenal impression on
the entire team…your enthusiasm and professionalism
is very much appreciated. I certainly would love to
work with you and the team again.

Vice President
Financial Services

You provided the best training I have seen in
this industry. You have an amazing grasp of
our business and the issues we face.

Vice President
Financial Services

We need more of Accelerate Performance! The real life
exercises gave us excellent practice and boosted our

Sales Manager
Business to Business Sales
They got all of us out of our comfort zone,
which makes us better.

Account Executive
Media Industry
Accelerate Performance did a phenomenal job with our
sales and business development coaching. The lead
trainer was an engaging and dynamic presenter, and he
adapted his approach to the specifics of our business
model and sales processes extremely well. Our staff
walked away with a new perspective on selling, and
with several new tools in their skill set. Overall we were
extremely satisfied.

Education Company
  They were extremely informed about our
Company, our process and our culture. They
actually sounded like they really were our
employees. This along with the professional
style and approach made them very effective
and entertaining partners.

Sales Leader
Travel Industry

I recently attended a workshop presented by
Accelerate Performance, and was very impressed by
their effectiveness as speakers and the quality of the
material. Accelerate Performance has a gift for
demystifying the art of selling by teaching simple
concepts that can be readily internalized and applied
on the job. The enthusiasm was contagious and the
audience was totally engaged. I would recommend
Accelerate Performance Sales Consulting without
hesitation to any organization seeking to empower its
sales professionals with best-in-class practices.

Director of Product Marketing

I've really enjoyed working with you and hope
that I can continue to benefit from your training
and coaching. I might have gone to Yale and
Harvard, but they really don't teach sales 101...

Senior Vice President
Financial Services

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