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Gain Agreement with Senior Sales Management
• Establish clear, measurable project goals
         • Create a project plan and determine the specific focus on sales managers and/or salespeople
         • Ensure a commitment to the full execution at all levels of the sales organization

Focus on Top Performers
         • Observe the best sales managers and salespeople doing their jobs to identify and document
            their behaviors that can be transferred to others so the program is relevant for all participants
         • Synthesize company best practices with other top performing sales organizations’ best
            practices to produce a customized performance development program
         • Design a coaching program to equip sales managers with the follow up and execution tools to
hold their people accountable to performing the best sales practices

Rollout to the Team
         • Sales managers and salespeople participate in the training programs together so that all
            teammates have a common experiences to apply in the field
         • Training programs are 90% interactive and feature live case studies
         • Sessions are led by dynamic facilitators who have all “carried the bag” as salespeople and as
            sales managers

Follow Up and Execution—Where the Results Happen
         • The approach is focused on the sales managers because this group has the most leverage to
            impact performance quickly
         • We keep score. Throughout the initiative we monitor individual and team performance to
            ensure the proper behavior is yielding the proper results
         • Recognize successes and continue to share best practices to foster a culture of continuous


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